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Youth Advocacy Board |9/22/22

The Meeting started with a conversation about YABs in different areas. Each area receiving YHDP funding must have a Youth Action Board devoted to homelessness and housing. There are YABs about all sorts of different things though, I mentioned some resources about YABs I received when I first started and I really want to share them with you so here you go!

Here is some information on the other Youth Action Boards

Here is a YAB focused around foster care:

Here is a presentation from a YAB centered around healthcare:

Here is a silly presentation from a virtual conference from another Youth led group:

Here is a TEDx talk from a Youth council member in Australia:

We went over the revisions I did on the YAB flier. We were all in agreement on which one we should use but a few suggestions were made. I have made those changes and have included the result in this post as well as a photo of it on a bulletin board so we could really get the full effect. Please let me know if there are any more improvements I can make to it. I want this flier to be perfect so if you have any suggestions, big or small, please let me know.

We also brainstormed about financial questions we have for Hank (the executive director of NMCEH). We have a pretty good list but if you think of any other questions please let me know!

The meeting finished with a description and discussion of my future plan for YAB. I want us to be fully educated on youth homelessness so when we go into meetings we are well equipped with knowledge. I say it often and I truly believe knowledge is power.

So here is my plan:

Chapter 1- What is Youth Homelessness? This would include statistics and the various definitions of homelessness.

Chapter 2- What Causes Youth Homelessness? This would include deep dives into the leading causes of youth homelessness and brainstorming sessions on early intervention to prevent youth homelessness.

Chapter 3- What does Youth Homelessness Look Like? This would include discussions about the struggles youth experiencing homelessness and what we can do to make things a little easier for them.

Chapter 4- How Can We Solve Youth Homelessness? This would include overviews of the various types of housing program, vouchers and the youth serving organization within New Mexico

Each chapter will be 1-2 meetings and along the way we will still be working on our special projects and planning for core team meetings etc. The YAB approved of this plan but if there's anything you’d like to add to this or you have any suggestions, I’m super open to them just let me know.

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