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Youth Advocacy Board | 8/25/2022

The initial goal was to begin planning a YAB facilitated training. But during the discussion we learned that the word training carries a lot of weight and perhaps we should stray away from the word. We also spent some time making sure we were all on the same page sharing the same vision. I think we will need to discuss it more but essentially we decided that youth that have experienced/ are experiencing homelessness have a wealth of untapped knowledge and providers want to hear it! It’s easy for providers to get somewhat lost in systems and become a bit out of touch with what their clients are going through. My hope is the YAB can bring the providers a little deeper into youth homelessness through storytelling and advice. I’m so looking forward to developing these ideas more.

This led to a riveting conversation about taking action, meeting on zoom every week is incredible and by far my favorite part of the week but we can only do so much with it. The YAB wants to do more so we are going to begin dipping our toe in the fundraising waters, joining events and recruiting new members and hanging flyers with the big end goal being an event put together by YAB to spread awareness and raise some money.

We discussed scheduling next because we have a crazy busy next couple weeks.. I will be sending reminders for all meetings that are not at our regular time a week before, a day before and an hour before they happen. Also it is really important all members attend this upcoming Thursday meeting because we will be prepping for the NM Housing Youth Core Team Meeting.

During the open floor section we discussed incorporating environmental concerns into our advocacy. “Because the earth is all of our home and if we don’t take care of it we will all essentially be facing homelessness.” I loved the way one of our members expressed this idea so we will certainly spend some time navigating a cohesive way to add this to our work. A super cool resource was shared during this time here is the link:

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