Youth Advocacy Board | 8/18/22

In yesterday's YAB meeting we went over the external meetings and YAB’s roles and responsibilities in those meetings and how we can best prepare for them.

The NM Housing Youth Core Team meeting is about updates for housing services. This is the meeting that the YAB has recently taken on facilitating! Last month went really well, watch here!

And i’m confident we can to do just as well this time! The next core team meeting will take place on September 7th. We will take the Thursday before to do a planning session and create a loose agenda.We decided that it is best to receive a reminder a week before the official meeting, another the day before and one an hour before.

The Education for Homeless Children and Youth Advisory Committee Meeting is all about education and how to make education easier for kids experiencing homelessness. The next meeting is on September 13th at 9:30am until noon. We will have a YAB planning session on the 12th at 4:15 to prepare and plan for our section of this meeting. You will receive reminders for both the planning session and the official meeting a week before, a day before and an hour before.

We ended the meeting by deciding that our first TikTok post will be the gear checklist presented at last week's meeting. This post will be targeted at those who donate materials.

In the open floor section we discussed a need for parenting classes (which I'm looking into) and how parenting can contribute to youth homelessness I’m going to give us time in the next meeting to continue this discussion.

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