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Youth Advocacy Board | 8/11/22

We did a quick presentation about gear for being homeless. What to look for in a pack, the dangers that come with using a tent and the importance of taking care of your feet! I mentioned an organization that distributes backpacks to those experiencing homelessness here is the link to their website!

Then we went into break out rooms with the intention of figuring out how to convey that information in a social media post! However when we returned to the main room a lively debate broke out which was incredible! We discussed gratitude and the importance of setting boundaries especially when hosting a couch surfer. Pan handling etiquette was a main point and I think that's something we should discuss further. In my opinion the best part was when the idea of a community “free box” came up wouldn't it be awesome if the YAB could start one and maybe even make it a trend?

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