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Youth Advocacy Board |3/9/23


  • March 10th @11AM ABQ YHDP Planning

  • March 24 @3pm First in Person YAB in Gallup

  • April 4th EHCY Meeting

  • Let me know if you are interested in attending the PSY conference in New York June 20th and 21st!

Main Topics

Core Team Review: The providers received a ton of information about the barriers to employment for youth experiencing homelessness.Such as storage for belongings, needing supplies to start(non slip shoes,uniforms) and pet care. We discussed the benefits of internships and apprenticeships for young people.Which branched into an idea to bring professionals to life skills classes and work out apprentice opportunities.

Brainstorming: The YAB was asked “What hard conversations need to be had in the core team meetings”

Our ideas were; Drug use (both on the street and in RRH),Trauma and mental health care,Tenant unions and Workers rights

“What if…”: Yab wrote a children’s book about homelessness!

Hill Day: The Gallup YAB had the opportunity to go to a youth advocacy event in Washington D.C. They shared with us what it was like traveling that far and being in such a different city. They also expressed how empowering and motivating it was and how many amazing accomplishments YABS have had.

Learn more about Hill Day Here:

Sneak Peek at Next Week

We will either have Brittany, an architecture student ,working on a thesis about youth shelters or we will be discussing what authentic youth collaboration looks like to us.

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