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Youth Advocacy Board | 12/8/2022

This was primarily an update meeting so our announcements were also main topics.

1.December 9th is our Community of Practice Presentation! We touched base about how everyone felt and discussed who would be in that space and why we are presenting to them. The presentation was for Mckinney Vento liaisons to provide them our insights and opinions and help guide them through their positions, many are new to their positions and some are individuals who are already teachers or counselors at a school so they may not have a lot of experience with homeless youth.

2.December 14th @ 9am is the YHDP working group. This meeting is a group of youth serving providers, members of the Coalition and hopefully young people with lived experience collaborating to bring YHDP to Albuquerque. It’s important for us to contribute because we get a lot of positive feedback about how we are as a YAB and I think ABQ wants to slightly model their YAB after what we have. Also we all know how I feel about putting youth in the driver's seat of initiatives like this!

3.December 15th was supposed to be our DV training and feedback at 2:30, however I spoke to Molly and she has asked us to postpone a week so it will actually be the 22nd. When we do receive this training it is super important that we are listening and making note of what we like or what we would change so when we provide feedback it is helpful and insightful. Molly is piloting this training with us to get our expertise so we should honor that and be sure we are able to give her good notes!

4.December 19th is the YHDP rural affinity group meeting where we can learn more about this opportunity for YAB input learn more here:

5. We went over Wednesday’s Core Team Meeting and how we felt about it. The general consensus is we are really loving the conversational laid back vibe of these meetings. They seem very authentic and the YAB’s vulnerability and openness in this space is so extremely valued. We talked about wanting to continue the conversation about transition documents and walk through checklists and life skill education so we will certainly do that. I also let you know that I will send the recording to you all before posting so you can let me know if there is anything you would like me to edit out or anything you are uncomfortable being shared in a public space so that will be sent to you all by the end of the day.

6.The meeting ended with me expressing that if the YAB has any ideas for meetings to please let me know and I will make it happen. Ideas for topics or guest speakers or anything I’m here for it! You can put it on the jamboard or contact me directly or share it during a meeting. The possibility of having a narcan training was brought up and I think that would be awesome! I’m thinking that since our DV plan got moved we could utilize the 15th for that if the trainer is available. I’ll keep you all updated!

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