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Youth Advocacy Board| 12/29/22

Yesterday was our last meeting of 2022!


  • January 4th is our Core Team Meeting at 10:30 AM

  • January 11th is the ABQ YHDP Working group meeting at 9AM

  • January 26th is Lobby Day!

Main Topics

  • We reviewed the DV training we received last week to provide feedback for Molly

The group enjoyed that it was interactive, conversational and focused on any and all relationships including the relationship with yourself. We thought the presentation would be beneficial for all ages. The YAB will be collaborating with Molly a lot in the future and I couldn’t be more excited!

  • We created a loose agenda for the upcoming Core Team meeting. Kristin Carmicheal will be joining us to discuss the expansion of the Landlord collaboration project. I’m not sure how long that will be so we may not even need the agenda but it’s always nice to have a back up plan. Our ice breaker will be “What is your favorite board game?” then Kristin will present followed by a Q & A. Then if there is extra time we will continue our conversation about life skills and transition documents.

  • 2023 will be an exciting and productive year for the YAB.Here is a list of some things you can expect in the new year!

  • In person meetings and events (pot lucks, outreach, etc)

  • More Fundraisers! (Music Festivals and Art Shows)

  • A structured YAB schedule/routine

  • More social media projects

  • Trainings and Education

  • School Involvement

  • A YAB Podcast?!

A Sneak Peek to Next Week's Meeting

YAB Testimonials- I will be recording part of the meeting and we will go around saying some of our favorite things about YAB and some of the things YAB does. So start planning what you might want to say

TikTok Review- I will have a TikTok ready for us to review and vote on whether or not to post it.

What is HUD?- A deep dive on what HUD is and how it connects to YAB.

See you all next year!!

Link to Website:

Link to Jamboard:

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