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Youth Advocacy Board | 12/15/2022


  1. December 19th at 1pm is the Rural Affinity group. This is where you can learn more about an opportunity to give YAB input to HUD

  1. December 21st is Homeless Persons Memorial Day, Honoring those who have passed away this year. There are events all over if you are interested. In Santa Fe one will be held at the Guadalupe Church at 3pm. In ABQ a vigil will be held at 1pm outside the Johnny Tapia Community Center. I was unable to find one in Gallup

  1. December 22nd will be our DV Training and Feedback at 2:30pm-4pm

Main Topics:

We went over any concerns with the core team meeting being posted and nobody had any so It has been posted! We did discuss not having the zoom visual and just having the NM Housing Youth Logo over the audio to give it more of a podcast feel which led to a conversation of the possibility of a YAB podcast!

Link to Youtube:

We touched base about the Community of Practice meeting. The general consensus was that we all thought it went really well but we wish there would have been a heads up so we didn’t spend so much time stressing about our presentation. We all agree that we should still find an opportunity to present what we prepared.So I am going to work on finding an opportunity to do so!

We reflected on our YAB experience,sharing our favorite parts of YAB like the core team meetings,the consistency, the collaboration. Things we would change like in person meetings and more outreach. Our goals for YAB like that podcast, more trainings and more fundraisers/events!

We decided to do a YAB testimonial during our first meeting of the new year. We’ll record part of the meeting and go around sharing what YAB does and what you like about it. So keep in mind what you might want to say

We went over YAB advertising the testimonials will play into that. I shared with the group that I posted a video about doing outreach that got soo much positive feedback and it made me realize why tiktok has been so important to the group. So I am going to do more videos like that and bring them to the YAB for review before posting. Elijah has been working hard on flyers! They were sent via email. Please Please Please send us your thoughts and critiques!!!

We wrapped up the meeting with a “Temperature Check” that also served as a sneak peek into next year’s YAB meetings. I went through various topics and if you were super familiar with the topic you put a thumbs up, if you were hazy on the details or had no idea what I was talking about put a thumb down. This gave me an idea of where I need to start/focus going into the new year.

Thank you all so much for your time and passion! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week for our DV training and Feedback session!!

Link to Website:

Link to Jamboard:

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