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Youth Advocacy Board 12|01|2022

Happy Friday YAB. I apologize for my being late, flustered and ill prepared for yesterday’s meeting! I was up in Taos helping out The Mountain Center with an amazing initiative called “Harm Reduction”. We will have a whole meeting about harm reduction next year but if you are not familiar with this term I encourage you to do some research. This video is a great place to start!


I want to introduce and welcome Elijah! He has been a member of YAB for a while and is now a member of the Coalition! He is a youth navigator and outreach specialist like me. He is such an incredible asset and I want you all to know you can reach out to him with any questions or comments as well! His email is

We will be meeting on Monday December 5th at 3pm

I will send an invite shortly

Our Ice breaker will be to provide an icebreaker!

December 9th at 10AM will be our presentation at the Community of Practice Meeting. I would love for this to be a group effort so if you are able to help me present please let me know so we can collaborate and prepare. If you are planning on helping with the presentation it would be really awesome if you join our Monday meeting!

Wednesday December 7th at 10:30 will be the Core Team Meeting! Planning for this will be taking place during the Monday Meeting

December 15th We will not be meeting at our normal time we will be meeting at 2:30-4PM to receive a domestic violence training and providing the trainer feedback

Main Conversations

Yesterday was the last day of our online donation campaign! We raised 100 dollars! I am super excited and proud of this! These funds will be really helpful and we will determine how to spend them as a group.

I checked in with you all about the Community of Practice presentation. Everyone seems to be feeling good about it. If you didn’t attend the YAB meeting and you have questions or need any clarification please reach out to me! As I said earlier I really want this to be a group effort and would appreciate as much participation from you guys as possible! The general plan for this presentation is to do our school presentation then go into how those offering services for youth experiencing homelessness can identify the students in need and also how to approach them in a non threatening/intimidating way. Keep these ideas in mind because we’re going to do a deep dive on these during Monday's meeting

This leads me to our school presentation! I am still struggling to get a hold of schools to schedule a presentation. But fear not! I am an incredibly persistent person and I refuse to give up so we will present at some point! During yesterday's meeting I stated that we could possibly present to Monte Del Sol on the 15th but I realized that will interfere with our early YAB meeting that day. At this point it appears we will be piloting the presentation during the Community of Practice meeting which is a positive in my opinion because it is via zoom so it gives us a chance to run through without the nerves that come with being in person! I believe we will be able to record it as well so we can review it and adjust accordingly. That being said, I want to make sure that we are all happy with the presentation. Here is the link to the copy of the outline feel free to edit this as you desire. I encourage you to make any and all changes that come to mind as this presentation is a collection of all of our unique and insightful perspectives.

Our last discussion was an update on the cold weather gear drive! Elijah has taken over a lot of the responsibility for this project.

We decided that a donation box will be the best way to execute this.

Elijah designed a flyer rough draft attached to this email. Please give us your input and opinions!

Also send Elijah or myself any locations you think would be a good place to put one of the boxes!

Thank you so much for your patience,devotion and flexibility YAB! I am immensely grateful for all you do! As always, reach out if anything comes up and have an amazing restful weekend! See you Monday!

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