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Youth Advocacy Board 11/10/22

This meeting was AWESOME! We are making so much progress on our big November plans to commemorate National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month and I couldn't be more excited!


  1. We will be presenting at the PED Community of Practice Meeting on December 9th! Don’t stress we will be creating a plan for this presentation soon! I just feel like we have a lot of other things to address first and I don’t want to overwhelm you guys so one step at a time!

  2. The November Core Team Meeting recording will be posted Monday!

  3. Molly Conway from the Esperanza Domestic Violence Shelter has created a super cool educational presentation about domestic violence that is aimed towards youth! She wants us to be the first to receive this training so that we can give her feedback! This will be taking place December 15th at 2:30- 4pm.

  4. If you would like me to mail you YAB flyers PLEASE let me know I would love to have these flyers up in as many areas as possible and I have already plastered Santa Fe!

  5. Our Donation Campaign is active! It’s posted on the YAB website as well as the NM Housing Youth Facebook and Instagram and here is the link:


The Point Source Youth Western Conference is happening November 16th from 1-5PM. If you have not registered please do so ASAP!

Link to Register:

Last week we assigned our roles for the conference and attached to this email is a chart depicting our assignments. I also thought this video might be helpful for you guys! It’s all about note taking!

Link to Video:

The Cold Weather Gear Drive is very exciting and we’ve come so much closer to finalizing details! Thank you everyone who responded to the survey! So we all decided that we should advertise with flyers, social media posts, public access TV/ radio and word of mouth so I will be working to create a template for the flyers/ posts that we can fill in when we have more details. We also agreed that as far as distribution a booth would be best and any left over materials would be handed out during YAB lead outreach!

We also decided we will be hosting the drives in Santa Fe and Gallup with the hope to do more in other areas in the future. I’m not familiar with the Gallup area but our Gallup members said Walmart and the skate park would be awesome spots! And Santa Fe I think either Skatepark would be a great spot! We also thought a weekend might be best but haven’t determined a specific date yet.

The Balance of State Coordinated Entry Team wants to help us with the drive so I’m going to be setting up a meeting between the YAB and CES so we can settle on the final details so keep an eye on your inbox because I will be sending an invite for that very soon!

Last we discussed our Presentation for schools. So far the only school I have received a response from is Monte Del Sol Charter in Santa Fe. I will continue to reach out to other schools and hopefully get a hold of someone soon! Monte Del Sol has 380 students 7th-12th grade so we will be doing the presentation twice, once for the middle schoolers and once for the high schoolers. We will have 30 minutes and this will be happening on the 29th of November! I will provide more details as soon as I receive them!

We outlined our presentation yesterday and I’m hoping to do a rehearsal during our next meeting.

I’m so beyond excited for this experience and I want to express my gratitude to you all for being so involved in this process! You guys are AMAZING! As always please reach out with any questions and comments and especially any ideas!

Link to Jamboard:

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