Youth Advocacy Board | 10/31/22

We covered a lot in yesterday's meeting. So this is an important debrief. Our announcements yesterday were:

1. Adrien Lawyer joined us last week and we didn't have time for a Q&A so please send your questions my way so I can give them to him and share the answers with you all!

2.Point Source Youth is having their 3rd western annual conference on November 16th from 1-5pm

3.If any of you are interested in doing some outreach please let me know and I can go to wherever you are and we can go out and hand out supplies together!

4.I am in need of TikTok experts! A couple of you volunteered to help and I am eternally grateful!

5.I want to make sure you all are getting the most out of YAB so if there's ever topics you want to learn more about please let me know or put in on the Jamboard and i can do all the research and put together a presentation! If you’re curious about something other YAB members probably are too and I am happy to help us learn more about anything and everything!

The Point Source Youth Conferences are so much fun and packed with valuable information! In fact there's so much information that they have several discussions happening at the same time in separate break out rooms. So next week we are going to look at the agenda and figure out how we can divide and conquer to get all the information. I’d like us all to attend and take notes to share with the board during the following YAB meeting. You will be compensated for your time at the conference. Below is the link to register for the conference and the link to the Point Source Youth website where you can learn more about them and if you’re interested sign up for their mailing list!

To Register:


We discussed the upcoming Point in Time Count. The Point-in-Time (PIT) count is a count of sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness on a single night in January. This is a huge task and we need all the help we can get. I would love for the YAB to be involved. There will be a series of planning sessions happening soon so be on the lookout for invitations to those. We will continue to discuss this in YAB meetings as well. You will be compensated for your time and assistance with this process!

We took some time to hear from the Gallup members about a tabling event they did a few weeks ago. It was a resource faire at the UNM campus in Gallup. They promoted the YAB and answered questions. They said they had a lot of fun and it was a beneficial experience. I would love for us to do more events like this so I'm going to keep my eyes out for similar opportunities. If you see/hear of any events that you think we could be a part of please let us know! Our flyers are ready! So that will be a huge help!

We prepped for the core team meeting that will be happening November 2nd at 10:30 Am- Noon. Our Ice breaker will be “What did you dress up as for Halloween and if You didn’t dress up what did you do for Halloween?” We will be discussing Exit protocol for Rapid Rehousing programs, How to prepare clients who are nearing the end of their time with the programs. This is such an important topic that really needs the youth perspective so please come prepared to share your thoughts and insight.

As we all know November is National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month! We brainstormed how to honor this month and I am thoroughly impressed with the ideas we came up with!

  1. We voted to add a donation link to the website!

  2. We will organize cold weather gear drives! First we will compile a list of recommended donations so far I have jackets, gloves, hats, hand warmers and blankets. Please send me your suggestions on what to add to the list. Next we will need to schedule when and where they will take place and how we will distribute.

  3. We will be going into schools to present about youth homelessness. We decided to bring a pack full of supplies to add an interactive aspect. We also thought it would be cool to have some sort of competition like rolling up a sleeping bag while being timed or who can come up with impromptu shelter ideas. Next week's meeting we will be reviewing the Core Team meeting, going over the agenda for Point Source Youth Conference and elaborating on these ideas for November. This is a lot so we MAY extend the meeting so keep that in mind, Thank you guys sooo much for all you do. I am immensely appreciative of you guys and I can’t wait to execute all these brilliant ideas we’ve come up with! See you all on Wednesday for the Core Team Meeting!

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