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YAB Overview | Regional Youth Advocacy Board | 07/14/2022

The Regional Youth Advocacy Board had special guests Tony Watkins and Felicia Vargas from the ABQ Continuum of Care, and they are in the early stages of implementing their own YAB, so they joined our meeting to learn and observe!

So, we started by reminding everyone of the FREE mental health first aid training taking place on July 21st and 26th! You will receive a certificate which will look great on a resume and beyond that the information provided is great for navigating your own mental health as well as those around you!

To Register:

The then discussion moved on to World Youth Skills Day!

World Youth Skills Day is all about promoting the unique skills youth possess and facilitating the ability to bring those skills to the work force.

Learn more about Youth Skills Day at: WORLD YOUTH SKILLS DAY - July 15, 2022 - National Today & World Youth Skills Day (

We asked the YAB a few questions to warm us up and to give Tony and Felcia some insight.

"What has been one of your favorite topics discussed in YAB?"

A group favorite is when we have laid back conversations but several of us really enjoy when we have problem solving meetings or when we talk about hard hitting deep issues.

"Have you learned anything from the YAB that you’ve utilized in everyday life? If so, what?"

YAB said Person First Language and The NM Crisis and Access Line were things they use regularly from previous meetings

"What Sorts of Community Service Projects Would You Like to See From the YAB?"

We talked about the potential of doing a shoe drive and a school supply drive. We also thought it may be productive if we joined some other organization’s events like the Youth Shelters and Family Serivces Street Outreach Project’s “Nachos and Narcan”.

Next, we had breakout rooms!

The prompt for the breakout rooms was:

"Last week we discussed creating social media posts that depict different things that are difficult for youth experiencing homelessness (ex: getting an ID) to spread awareness to those who have not had the experience. What Kinds of Difficulties Should Be Included in These Posts? Discuss With Your Partner!"

Link to the YHDP Instagram:

Link to the YHDP Facebook:

After the breakout rooms were done, we shared some of the ideas discussed within the breakout rooms as a group.

The YAB shared the following difficulties:

  1. obtaining paperwork

  2. keeping paperwork and documents

  3. pet care

  4. showering

  5. obtaining a phone

  6. keeping a phone

  7. knowing how to look for resources

  8. knowing where to find resources

  9. knowing how to start looking for resources

One member suggested we bring more attention to the struggles of youth homelessness in story telling video segments following a youth experiencing homelessness.

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