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YAB 1/26/23 | Core Team Prep & Youth Summit Vote


ABQ YHDP Planning Group wants our inputs and perspectives so we will be inviting them to our 2/9 YAB meeting.

The next Point Source Youth conference will be in person in New York on June 20th and 21st. There is a possibility for us to attend. I understand this is a big commitment so take some time to reflect if attending the conference would be possible and let me know if you are interested.

I would like to set up our first split in person/ remote meeting. Please fill out this survey so we can start that process. If there is trouble with the survey please reach out!

Main Points

We started the meeting by creating our agenda for the YHDP Core Team meeting. The agenda can be viewed here:YHDP Core Team Agendas 2023

We branched off into a description of the Coordinated Entry System. This is how HUD defines Coordinated Entry “Coordinated Entry aid in the establishment and operation of a Coordinated Entry process that standardizes the way individuals and families at risk of homelessness or experiencing homelessness access are assessed for and referred to the housing and services that they need for housing stability. Specific resources discuss the philosophy, requirements, and models of Coordinated Entry processes.”

I know that is a bit unclear but we will be learning all about coordinated entry in upcoming meetings.

An important aspect of Coordinated Entry is getting people connected to proper services and into the system. This is done through the helpline and email.

Here is the contact information for the CES helplines.

Balance of State Helpline:(505) 772-0547

Balance of State

  • Reminder that Balance of State means everywhere except ABQ!

ABQ Helpline: Coordinated Entry System Phone: 505-217-9570

CABQ Homeless Helpline: 505-768-4357

ABQ Textline: 505-600-2835

ABQ email:

Next I gave a description of the Youth Summit Project I started working on.

The dates are not set in stone but we are looking at May 13th and 14th for part 1 and May 27th and 28th for part 2

Both parts will take place in person in ABQ

My vision is that part 1 would be youth centered, we would gather a group of ABQ youth together and ask them what barriers to youth housing are. Break out groups will be formed based on the answers. The groups will brainstorm solutions to the barrier and learn how to gather their thoughts into a presentation.

Part 2 will be finalizing the presentations and presenting to the CoC, youth serving providers and community leaders.

The goals of this summit are to engage youth, collaborate with them and teach them presentation/public speaking skills as well as find members to form an ABQ YAB

I showed this video, because it is similar to what I am hoping to accomplish.

We voted to all collaborate to make this happen and I couldn't be more excited!

Sneak Peek

I am 90% sure we will have a guest speaker next week from NM taxation & revenue. We’ll get a run down on Taxes and get our questions answered. I will have to leave early unfortunately but I look forward to hearing all about it.

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