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YAB 1/19/23 "Adulting Tool Box" & Testimonials


  1. I did our school presentation with Hannah G. last Tuesday at Monte del Sol and will be doing it again this upcoming Tuesday. If anyone is interested in joining me please let me know.

  2. PIT Count Trainings are happening this week via zoom if you still need to register please visit this link

  3. Lobby Day is 1/26/23 Unfortunately we weren’t able to have a meeting about lobbying but I have attached some resources if you would like to learn more:


  1. There is still an opportunity to do research for compensation. We are looking for youth serving providers in these counties.Guadalupe,DeBaca,Curry,Roosevelt,Lincoln,Farmington,Socorro,Catron,Sierra

Please let me know if you plan on doing this research.

Main Topics

We did the YAB testimonials which was really awesome and will be used to create a video promoting YAB to gain members for our own YAB as well as the YABs that are forming in other parts of the state.

We were discussing the survey we talked about sending to participants of rapid rehousing to address what would make that process more successful. This was initially going to tie in with my upcoming project where I plan to talk with people who have already been through this process to see what could be better. However as our conversation developed we essentially decided that life skills need to be highlighted and taught. We landed on the term “adulting tool box”. Some examples of things we decided should be in an adulting toolbox is credit scores/taxes/budgeting, hygiene/health/appointments,cooking/cleaning/basic home repair. All these examples can be and were broken down even further and I am going to compile a thorough list of all the ideas we came up with and I think this will be instrumental in how we construct our transition documents and I am curious how this concept can be reflected in our social media? Food for thought, to be evaluated later.


Next week we will be planning for the February core team meeting.

I touched on this briefly in the meeting but I want to really elaborate on this upcoming project of mine that I would love to have the YAB in on. We will vote on and discuss YAB involvement in our next meeting as well. Essentially what I’m doing is teaming up with The Scholar Strategy Network to organize a youth summit in ABQ to gather youth together, ask them about barriers for success for youth in ABQ and what gaps need to be filled housing wise. Then educate those youth on how to brainstorm solutions and present their ideas. During that process we will gain guidance for the ABQ YHDP application as well as gather interested youth to participate in ABQ’s YAB.

As always please reach out with any questions or comments and thank you for all you do!

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