PRIDE Day | Youth Advocacy Board | 06/23/2022

We will be discussing PRIDE this week since Tuesday is PRIDE Day! We’ll be going over the history and meaning of this event as well as how we can support LGBTQ+ youth in our communities!

What is PRIDE?

Pride Month is a time for each individual to be proud of who they are and the unique offerings they have to bring to the world. A time for all LGBTQIA+ people to feel comfortable.

How to Celebrate

Many people feel that Pride Month is the time to express themselves, so get a little bit wild, rock some rainbow gear, and enjoy the celebration. Different communities all over the place will schedule events and gatherings throughout the month of June, including parades, demonstrations, rally's and more.

How to Support Pride

Supporting PRIDE should happen every day not just in June! The best way to show support is to be yourself, be loud and proud of who you are!

And allow people around you to be themselves and encourage them to do so!

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