General Overview | Youth Advocacy Board | 07/07/2022

Ariana shared a really incredible opportunity with us yesterday, A FREE mental health first aid training taking place on July 21st and 26th!

You will receive a certificate which will look great on a resume and beyond that the information provided is great for navigating your own mental health as well as those around you!

To Register:

The YAB was informed that Albuquerque is interested in implementing their own YHDP and therefore their own YAB! They want to learn from our YAB and have us give them input and guidance as they start this journey. So, they will be joining one of our meetings soon, possibly next week we will let you guys know in the Wednesday email!

We watched a PSA about Youth Homelessness from a group out in Canada.

Watch Here: Youth Homelessness - Why?

This prompted a conversation about us producing our own video about youth homelessness that would be more specific to New Mexico and the solutions/resources available! Moving forward we will have a YAB meeting devoted to working out the details of this video.

That provided a nice transition into our next topic: YHDP and social media!

We decided that YHDP being on social media is beneficial because it is an effective way to communicate with youth, we can reach a broader audience including those outside of NM. But what kinds of content should we post? Here are some of the ideas we came up with: “helpful hints for homelessness” (tips and tricks to surviving on the streets such as safe camping), information to spread awareness about the struggles of being homeless as a youth for those who aren’t aware just how much these youth go through, and resources for those experiencing homelessness. We also talked about expanding our social media to Snapchat and TikTok which we will be discussing further in another meeting.

Link to the YHDP Instagram:

Link to the YHDP Facebook:

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