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New Mexico Regional Youth Advocacy Board

We are a New Mexico based team working towards preventing and ending youth homelessness.

The YAB meets every week to talk about important topics to assist the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness.
The youth choose what we are addressing and are paid for their time.

Fists in Solidarity

We Operate Unanimously 

When decisions come up and it's time for the YAB to take action, we have a vote and the YAB members get to make decisions together.

Hand Working

Learning Together

This board is youth led, which means our facilitator's are also youth. When we present, we present all of our own research based on the weekly topic. 
It varies from Professional Development, Health, Community Engagement and much more! 

Community Service

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow 

We stand united with the vision that Every Youth in the (current Northern 14) New Mexico counties will have access to and be provided safe and stable housing, (with the expansion to cover the whole state over time)..

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